New Tune "love to love you" 8.8.18


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For the next year I will be releasing a new song on every day of the month that has an 8 in it. 8 is great because it symbolizes - amongst many things - infinity . This project is my action oriented way of sharing in a deep belief that we all have untapped, limitless creative potential and that engaging with art - both as the spectator and as the creator - is fundamental to human health/happiness and I value it as such. 

For me, putting a price on this project feels weird so I’m going to let you do it instead. Please, pay what you want - or what you can and feel great about it. You can pay monthly or per song or not at all. Feel great about it!


It is HARD AF to be a human right now.

Many of us are being forced into working jobs we don’t like that pay us just enough money to take care of our families and the mortgage with hopes that maybe at the end of a long day we’ll get our kids to sleep and have enough time for an hour or so of engaging in something we actually want to do except that most of us are so drained by the time the sun sets we instead decide to zone out to something that will temporarily soothe and release us from our current reality which is that a majority of our present moments don’t feel like a present so much as they feel like a purposeless black hole drained of hope and many of us have messed up microbiomes/ compromised digestive tracts which is arguably the leading cause of many chronic and mental diseases and for a lot of us medicine doesn’t seem to be a long term solution and we likely wouldn’t need so much medicine if we weren’t being poisoned by the agri industry and it’s perpetual placement of profit over people and if we weren't trapped in an antiquated monetary system that forces us into following incredibly restrictive ridiculous man made rules; and so if we’re lucky our day will come to a close sitting next to someone we love who is worn out too but whose presence at least gives us moments of feeling free and we are grateful that at the end of a long day we can stretch our overworked limbs on this couch together instead of alone although we still feel a sense of isolation and separation from something we can’t quite put our finger on and we wonder what it is and why or when it will come or go away and then we succumb to the fatigue in a horizontal position for around 6-8 hours before we have to rise up and do it all over again.

I know life isn't meant to be this way and all I mean to say is that I think we need to focus and relearn all the ways we can love one another right now. Please know that NO MATTER WHAT there’s nothing but love coming at you from my direction.  

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