Andrea Davidson is a vocalist, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Louisville, Kentucky and raised in Madison, Indiana. 

With a deep commitment to music’s ability to bring people together, she won the International Song of Peace Award in Ireland, fundraised to donate guitars and teach music to children in South Africa, and opened for the Dalai Lama as he toured the world to promote peace and compassion.

She moved to Nashville in 2014, signed a record deal with Warner Brothers, a publishing deal with Warner Chappell, and a production deal with Jay Joyce. While in Nashville, she co-wrote with various acclaimed songwriters, got a song placed in the hit TV series Nashville, and toured extensively all over the US. 

Currently she is working part time in Rogersville, TN where she has opened a music venue and arts center in a historic valley called The Pressmen’s Home. The rest of her time she resides in Nashville where she is studying audio production, writing, and teaching one on one lessons through her Whole Artist Coaching Program.