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Are you a musician who longs to empower your unique, authentic, artistic expression through any of the following?






Crafting a live show that sets you apart


Building a Team

Online Presence

The Art of Practicing

Re MIND ing (changing your patterns of thought and emotion = changing your life)

Exploring Open Tunings

Exploring Vocal Looper Pedal

Logic Pro Beginners Guide to Recording Songs

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Tips on Healthy Eating / Lifestyle  (at home and on the road )

I believe we all have a completely unique inner artist / creator inside longing to be expressed.  Unfortunately, it seems that all too often and for various reasons, our inner creator becomes suppressed instead.  Here are some personal stories of my own encounters with creative suppression.

As a kid, I always wanted to be a drummer because that was what my dad did when he was younger.  Before my parents divorced and while we were all under the same roof, I remember wanting to feel more of a connection with my dad.  That was a hard thing to manifest for various reasons, and that was also the beginning of a certain kind of suppression for me.

When my sisters and I got to Junior High, we couldn’t afford instruments for band.  So by default, I became a member of the choir instead. It was devastating, but also a blessing in disguise because it helped me discover that I had a voice. Unfortunate scenarios usually have a seed of something that can grow into greatness if we are willing to water them.

Ironically, my choir teacher’s name was Mrs. Miracle.  I say it was ironic because from my perspective, I often felt that her name should’ve been Mrs. Anti-Miracle due to the unfortunate lack of encouragement I received from her.  For example, the second semester of my senior year I wrote my first song just 3 months after picking up a guitar. I was obsessed with it and loved sharing what I was working on, so I asked Mrs. Miracle if I could perform it for the class.  I’ll never forget the look on her face as she watched me from the back row of the room. Unimpressed, bored, closed. The extent of her feedback was a cold critique in front of everyone about how the bridge of the song could use a lot of work.

I also loved dancing and wanted to be a good at it.  One particularly negative and impactful moment occurred at a 12th birthday party for my twin sister and I.  Mya’s “All About You” blared out from the speakers on our back porch as I tried to move along with the cheerleaders.  I was called out for my stiff, skinny white girl moves, which made the other girls laugh and make fun of me. From that point forward I assumed I wasn’t a dancer.

As kids we didn’t all have the opportunity or environment for our gifts to be encouraged, nourished and cultivated.  To be clear - our gifts and artistry can manifest through A LOT of different paths:




Planting a garden

Building a car



Visual art



You get the idea.

I believe creative expression is not just an extra-curricular “accessory” in our lives, but rather an integral part of being a balanced human.  I also understand the struggle of trying to reconnect with that creative expression after being suppressed or discouraged by others. That is why I feel excited about using the knowledge I’ve acquired through various successes (and mistakes!) to help others hone in on their own artistry.

Spaces for one on one coaching/mentorship are very limited, and I want to make sure this is the right fit for both you and myself!  Please email (andreadavidson1@gmail.com) or private message me through Facebook or Instagram so I may learn more about you, where you are, and where you desire to go on your musical journey.

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